sam-ghandchi Cyrus Accords: Next Step for Iran and Israel

Sam Ghandchi

پیمان کوروش: گام بعدی برای ایران و اسراییل

P.S. 11/09/21: Speech by Mr. Bijan Kian President of iVOL at Israel's Holon University's Tribute to Cyrus the Great

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Competition to terrorize the world is not an achievement and will never resolve issues that are at the bottom of all Contrarieties and Contradictions. I remember more than ten years ago Netanyahu invited Ray Kurzweil to Israel to talk about his book 'Singularity is Near' and Netanyahu himself sat beside Kurzweil in that meeting. I read somewhere the book has since been on Netanyahu's bookshelf, as it is on my bookshelf! Kurzweil is even less interested in politics than myself, and like myself is a science-oriented futurist thinker caring about future of human species and being a prominent inventor like Thomas Edison has contributed vastly in so many areas of science, technology, and new thought, his priceless contributions referred by me as Kurzweilian Futurism. I need to emphasize that I have never discussed Cyrus Accords with Kurzweil and mentioning his name here is solely to show how people with different cultural background can work together. What I am trying to get at here is the value of real futuristic thinking that can help humanity rather than being stuck in the stumbling blocks of the past. About 15 years ago, I wrote my views of Israel and its relations with Iran and have nothing more to add. Also recently have written about Cyrus Accords and its proponent in Iranian opposition abroad, Mr. Bijan Kian of iVOL. I just saw a translation of an article entitled 'Iranian dissidents to visit Israel next week' in The Jerusalem Post translated to Persian by Radio Farda. I am very impressed by this news and hope similar visits to Iran can happen. As I have written before, I fully support the Cyrus Accords initiative between Iran and Israel and wish best of luck for those trying to make this happen. And all this work of iVOL reminds me of the days of 'Beyond War'!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
July 16, 2021


















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