sam-ghandchi A Critique of Some Iranian Activists' Letter to Israeli Prime Minister

Sam Ghandchi

نقد نامه ی برخی فعالان ایرانی به نخست وزیر اسراییل

P.S. 07/16/21: Cyrus Accords: Next Step for Iran and Israel

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As I wrote less than a month ago in an article entitled 'Tribulations and Longings,' I am currently fighting the return of my cancer and need a lot of rest and hardly find time to read and write. Please pardon me as I will be more silent in the next 4 months that I am busy with hormonal and radiation therapy. Two days ago, I saw a Letter of July 9, 2021 of a group of Iranian Activists to the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Naftali Bennett. Mr. Bijan Kian, as a Co-founder and President of Institute for Voices of Liberty (iVOL), is a signatory of the letter. My views about Israel were clearly written over 15 years ago and I still hold the same views about Israel and relations with Iran and invite readers to review my old article carefully and will not repeat in this note. Also as written 6 months ago, I clearly support 'Cyrus Accords' initiative between Iran and Israel which Mr. Bijan Kian has been promoting in Iranian opposition. But I would like to be very clear about Iran's nuclear issue referred to in the letter noted above. Both Israel and Iran have had nuclear capabilities long before the rise of IRI, i.e. so-called Islamic "Republic" of Iran. IRI has tried to use this capability to blackmail the world just like North Korea, but it is the right of Iran as a country to retain its Nuclear capabilities in a peaceful fashion and Iran's commitment to NPT is very important. I have written my views about Iran's nuclear issue in detail 14 years ago in an article in Persian entitled 'Reason for War because of Nuclear Program,' which unfortunately never found the time to translate to English. I condemn terrorism by any country and especially by Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) because they are known as the government of Iranians in the world! Also as I have written many times, I support pacifism and will not participate in any probable war. Finally I would like to emphasize that I continue supporting 'Cyrus Accords' for a peaceful relationship between Iran and Israel whether IRI Islamic Regime remains in power or a secular democratic regime comes to power in Iran!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
July 11, 2021


















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