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Have you thought that Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has created the Moin game to defeat the election, or my words sound like a conspiracy theory to you?  Let me explain.


Eight years ago, Iranian people turned the table around on Islamic Republic of Iran, and from the selected regime candidates, the recommended candidate of the establishment, Nategh-Nouri, was thrown aside, and people voted for Khatami, who although was also a selected candidate of the regime, but was not supposed to be the final name coming out of the ballots, and this is why people were able to show their opposition to the regime, even within the confinements of the regime itself.


But what was the result?  The reality showed that the regime correctly had Khatami as its selected candidates, either when Khatami supported the regime against the students, during the July 9th movement of 1978, or when after these many years, without revealing the names of the fatwa issuers of the chained murders and Forouhars' slaughter, he just gives us smiles.  Yes, truly he was one of regime's selections, and in the next presidential election four years later, he was raised to the regime number one candidate.  Four years ago, he still had some popular support and the mirage of hoping for so-called reforms had not all faded yet, and even his turnign his back to the students on July 9th was still being absolved, and his words about following up on Zahra Kazemi's death were taken seriously.  In fact, it has been only in the last two years that the games of the reformists have been cleared out and the movement to boycott the elections of IRI has gained momentum.  At last, what kind of reformism is this that its claimants have been in power for 8 years and they have not made any changes to the lack of presence of non-Islamic forces in the political process of Iran?


If like Hegel, we call the experience of Iranian people with Khatami as tragedy, the story of Moin can already be called a comedy.  Apparently in two days, Mr. Moin is supposed to announce whether he will participate in the election or not.  The facade is that last week the Guardian Council (GC)  has deprived him from candidacy, and as if because of the demonstrations of the students and people's pressure, VF Khamenei have reinstated him to be a candidate.  As if Mr. Moin is Dr. Mossadegh, whom because of people's pressure in 30-Tir, forced Shah to reinstate him to prime minister position.  Whereas in reality, even a week ago, nobody in Iran even knew there was someone by the name of Moin, and he was even less known than Khatami before presidency, so what people's movement for the person of Khatami could have caused VF Khamenei's decision?


Of course, I do not consider the students demonstrations against Guardian Council to be games.  They are the expressions of the opposition of students with the selective elections of GC, and the whole of Islamic Republic of Iran, and the person of Moin in this has less importance than the person of Aghajari during the Dec 2002 students movement, and it was natural that in 2002, in the fascist political atmosphere of Iran, the students show their opposition to the anti-heretic laws, in opposing the issue of Aghajari and not with the case of Salman Rushdie, fearing their own lives.  Now too when hundreds of parties are not allowed to be active in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and when there are thousands of capable people who can better direct and manage Iran, the students are forced to express themselves in relation to organizations that can be mentioned and note the names that one can say.  But the trickery of IRI is separate from these honest tactics of the students movement.


In the last two weeks, the story has been said as if the issue is whether VF Khamenei has issued a "State Decree HokmeHokoomati" or not, and as if this decree, can turn Mr. Moin to a second Khatami where the decision-maker is Khamenei.  As if this a cat and mouse game.  As if he was selected by GC rather than VF, for example he could decide to be the commander of the armed forces.  Even Dr. Mossadegh with all his popularity, for such an authority, which was contrary to the then constitution of Iran, had fought for years, and not just naively thinking that because he was forced to the first political power of Iran, he could also gain such an authority!  Even today, the real story is actually the reverse, and it has not been that Mr. Moin has been a famous personality like Dr. Mossadegh, and the fact is the reverse, and to make Moin prominent, and not undermine an already obscure person.  And below I will explain why the regime is playing this game.


Basically none of the current candidates, including Moin, could not bring the boycotting forces to this election.  On the other side, those who partcipate in this election would not vote for Moin or Karroobi.  But with this game of the regime, Moin could bring part of the boycotting forces of this election to the realm of this election.  If the joined force of the election is big enough to make Moin the president, then a second Khatami is created.  If not, the any other candidate of IRI who gets elected, can boast to the world that this election was with wide participation of the people when a hardliner was elected.


Unfortunately the day after the games of GC an VF Khamenei, many of the forces that correctly had emphasized on referendum and boycott of the elections, again started like Khatami's time to advise Mr. Moin, asking him to do this and that, as if he is a second Mossadegh, and this way they helped the propaganda of Moin and the regime's tactic to succeed.  Whereas the message of the opposition to Mr. Moin should have been just one word, boycott.  Meaning that Mr. Moin, if you are uninformed about all these games today, where the GC has eliminated you and VF Khamenei has returned you, and if you are not part of regime's game, this election, which has clearly eliminated you, is not an election, and is an appointment, you should boycott.  In my opinion, even if Mr. Moin is not informed about this game, it is clear like a day that contrary to 8 years ago, what has the highest importance for the regime today, is the legitimacy and longevity, and not whether Khatami comes or Natigh-Nouri, Moin or Rafsanjani.


In a real republic, parties have a right to be active, and in the U.S., even a year before the presidential election, the partied within themselves, campaign for the candidacy for presidential election, and later introduce their candidates at the time of the presidential election.  Not that just a few weeks before election, suddenly thousands of people sign up to be presidential candidates and a GC to reduce the list for people from thousands to a handful and even doing that in a few days, a time which is not enough even to read their names.  Even a computer system with Artificial Intelligence cannot make such a fast decision.  In other words, in addition tot he constitution of IRI which is reactionary and should be changed, this method of naming presidential candidates is very backward and in another article four years ago I have addressed this issue and not need to repeat here [].


It is not important if Khatamis and Moins are honest people, and whether they are aware of all these trickery of the regime or not.  What is important is that the they have the important role in continuing a system, that its so-called reformist president has been in power for 8 years, and the non-Islamic political organizations do not have the right to exist or to be elected, and the political opponents, or people like Akbar Ganji are in jail, and those like Zahra Kazemi get murdered and one responsible for the murder hold a high level judicial position and people like Esmail Mohammadi not only have not been freed from jail all these years but are at the point of being executed any minute.



Hoping for a Federal, Democratic, and Secular Futurist Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


May 26, 2005



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