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Dear Readers,


I wonder a government that cannot even tolerate a scientific factual web site like mine, how it can ever survive in the 21st Century, and this is when the so-called reformist president Khatami is still in office. A president  who jumps up and down for human rights abuses by all other states, except for the state which he is heading. This is why the  Iranian people have come to the conclusion that there is no hope to reform the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) and are collective boycotting of next month's election  has already started (, and are announcing to the world that we Iranians are going to end this regime,  a regime that does not have the simplest respect for our human rights, a regime that has filtered thousands of websites (partial list at, a regime that has imprisoned hundreds of journalists ( for wanting the most basic rights of freedom of thought and expression, a regime that if it did not have the fear of opposition of foreign states with its terrorism, it might have repeated genocide against its opponents, the way it massacred Iranian political prisoners in 1988 (, a regime that its agents dare to make death threats even to opponents living in the United States (, while pretending to the outside world that it is reforming.  This is why more and more, the Iranian people are calling for a referendum  to end IRI, so that we can establish a secular democratic regime in Iran.


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Hoping for a Federal, Democratic, and Secular Futurist Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


May 18, 2005



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