PostScript5/18/05:  A new proxy server address is issued by VOA every few weeks, here is the latest "".


Foreword 5/15/03- Accessing Iranscope from Iran

I wrote the following article about a year ago I just had a note that Iranscope site is blocked from Iran.  If you are trying to access Iranscope from Iran, please use the following URLs:


The easy way to access Iranscope News had been going to the front page of Iranscope and clicking on the rotating globe, on the top left corner of the page, to access the I-News. Since IRI's blocking of many political web sites, including Iranscope, I suggested above, to use a proxy server address, to access Iranscope front page. If that does not work for you, please use the following URL to access Iranscope News:

Down with Censorship
Down with IRI


Foreword 5/11/03-About IRI blocking of (IRVAJ) web site

Today Prof. Shaheen Fatemi announced that the site of IRVAJ has been blocked by IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran):


In the following article, I have explained how to access any site using *proxy* servers.  For example to access IRVAJ site from anywhere in the world, using a proxy server,  you can enter the following URL:      English           Persian


The same approach can be used to access any other sites that are blocked, and it is a good tool, when faced with censorship of the web. Fortunately people use proxies for many purposes, and using it does not necessarily mean that you are reading a banned political site. The following article that I wrote a year ago explains the details of how to use Proxy servers.



You may be surfing the net from a company after your work hours. Regardless of what time you use a computer, the sysadmin can see what sites you have surfed. To avoid this, you can use a public proxy server that resides outside your company's network and still use your work computer and browser. If you use a proxy server inside your company, the sysadmin still can see the access info on the proxy server and that info is company's property. Also if the proxy resides in Iran, Iranian security can access the records on it.

Here is how you can use a proxy server. It is very easy to use:

Let's say you want to access your favorite website IRANSCOPE:-) You would usually enter " " or " ". Now you can use a proxy that resides in Russia called anon to access "iranscope". To do that just add "" in front of the previous URL and enter the following address in your browser's address box:

[btw, as you can see, in this case some parts of the graphics of the site and the live news feeds are missing. Some proxies work better than some others]

For other addresses, just change the portion " " with the address of the other sites you want to access.  Once connected, you can save the URL in your bookmark favorites on your browser, and use the favorites to access from now on.

The above format was using the Russian proxy server at the following address:

There are many other proxy servers, which do *not* reside in Russia, that you can use, instead of the above anonymizer.  For example, here is Yahoo's list of a few other public proxy servers:

For any new site, just use it once and then save the URL in your bookmarks, and afterwards it is easy to use, just like the way you access your favorite website, but now by using a new bookmark.

Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


March 7, 2002


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