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انتخابات ج.ا. و رهبران فکری ایرانیان


The main issue of Iranian people is not the nuclear crisis of the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), which is the result of years of IRI's mismanagement of foreign relations, the probem is 26 years of suppression and exclusion of non-Islamic forces from the political process, and at last, it is clear for everyone, that all talks of democracy within IRI are fantasy.  The call for referendum and the site of 60000000 (, and all other efforts to this end, are the clear expression of Iranian people's demand for full secularism.  The real election of Iran today, is choosing between IRI theocracy and *secularism* ( with a referendum to end the Islamic Republic [].


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


May 11, 2005


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The following is a list of a good number of the Iranian opinion leaders, and links to sites that are close to them.  It is interesting to note that over 95% of them, support a secular state in Iran, and contrary to regime's rumors, we have capable leaders, who are a head and a shoulder above the current IRI leaders, and can move Iran forward.  All murders of opposition leaders like Bakhtiar, Kurdish leaders, Borumand, or Foruhars, by IRI, resulted in the rise of more capable leaders in the Iranian community.  The list is in alphabetical order by their first names. Please note that not only I may have neglected many who use pseudo names, I surely have missed many others as well, and I hope those I have missed, to contact me, and send me their names and related links.  Also I apologize in advance if I have written any mistaken links or names,  please let me know of any corrections.


Abbas Amir Entezam


Abdollah Mohtadi


Abdollah Momeni


Abolhassan Banisadr


Abdolkarim Lahiji


Abdolkarim Soroush


Adib Boroumand


Ahmad Madani


Ahmad Saremi

Ahmad Taghvai


Ahreeman X


Akbar Ganji


Akbar Atri


Ali Afshari


Ali Ashraf Darvishian


Ali Keshtgar


Ali Rasekh


Ali Reza Nourizadeh


Ali Shahandeh


Ali Sina


Assad Homayoun



Ayatollah Montazeri


Babak Amirkhosravi


Bahman Niroumand


Bagher Parham


Behrouz Sooren


Behzad Karimi


Bijan Hekmat


Bijan Mehr


Daryoush Homayoun


Derafsh Kaviyani


Ebrahim Yazdi


Ebrahim Alizadeh


Emad Baghi


Erfan Qaneifard


Ezatollah Sahabi


Farah Pahlavi


Farrokh Negahdar


Farzad Hamidi


Foad Taban


Golmorad Moradi


Hadi Khorsandi


Hadi Zamani


Hamid Bahrami


Hamid Kowsari


Hamid Shokat


Hammihan Irani


Hashem Aghajari


Hassan Behgar


Hassan Hesam


Hassan Massali


Hassan Zarezadeh Ardeshir


Heshmat Tabarzadi


Hooshang Amir Ahmadi


Hossein Bagher Zadeh


Hossein Harati


Hossein Javadi


Hossein Lajevardi


Hossein Mola


Iraj Gorgin


Jahanshah Javid


Jamshid Naghizadeh


Jaleh Behrouzi


Jila Efazat


Kambiz Ghaemmagham


Kambiz Roosta


Khosro Chaqueri


Kianoosh Sanjari


Kiianosh Tavakkoly


Ladan Boroumand


Lotfollah Meisami


Majid Zarbakhsh


Mahmoud Rasekh


Manouchehr Jamali


Manouchehr Mohammadi


Maryam Rajavi


Masoud Behnoud


Masoud Rajavi


Masoud Kazemzadeh


Massoume Price


Mehdi Khanbaba Tehrani


Mehrangiz Kar


Mehrdad Khonsari


Mirza Agha Asgari


Mohammad Amini


Mohammad Hassibi


Mohammad Hossein Adib


Mohammad Maleki


Mohammad Parvin


Mohammad Ali Mehr Asa


Mohammad Reza Mirza Amini


Mohammad Reza Shalgooni


Mohsen Ghaemmagham


Mohsen Sazgara


Morteza Anvari


Morteza Mohit


Nader Oskoui


Nasser Kakhsaz


Nasser Zarafshan


Nooshin Ahmadi Khorasani


Nosrat Amini


Parastou Foruhar


Parvin Darabi


Parviz Dastmalchi


Parviz Sayyad


Parviz Shokat


Parviz Varjavand


Ramin Kamran


Reza Delbari


Reza Pahlavi


Reza Siavoshi


Roozbeh Farahanipour


Roya Boroumand


Safa Haeri


Said Hajarian


Sam Ghandchi


Shadi Sadr


Shaheen Fatemi


Shahindokht Kharazmi


Shoayb Zakariaei


Shirin Ebadi


Siamak Pourzand


Siavash Avesta


Simin Behbahani


Vahid Vahidi Motlagh


Yassmine Mather




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