Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي I do not own the domain of 'iranscope-dot-com' anymore
Sam Ghandchi

من دیگر صاحب دامنه ی اینترنتی «ایرانسکوپ-دات-کام» نیستم

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Dear Friends,


As you may all remember, four months ago on 9/1/20, it was the last time I wrote to you that iranscope-dot-com domain was expiring in January 2021 because of cutting down on my living expenses.  I had offers to help me with the expenses to maintain iranscope domain but I did not accept any help from anybody as I explained the reason in September 2020. Nonetheless, I am happy that ISDP has now registered the '' domain name themselves, and this way the efforts associated with that domain name will not be wasted. To avoid any rumors, I am writing this note that I never received any money for change of ownership of '' domain, but I am very happy that ISDP is using the iranscope-dot-com domain and it is an honor for me! ISDP currently linked *their* domain to Iran's Futurist Party page on my personal site which is again an honor for me, but I am sure as time goes, they will create their own pages and links for itself and that is all fine with me, as I do not own domain anymore. Also, as explained in my note four months ago, Iranscope Page on my personal site will continue to be active at the following link '' just as before, and that is a subdomain of my personal site just like many other subdomains of my personal site that were listed under the previous post!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
January 5, 2021
















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