Monarchy Act2: Official vs Unofficial

Sam Ghandchi


Persian Version


I am one of the first people in the Iranian pro-democracy movement, to have given a benefit of doubt to Reza Pahlavi and the Iranian monarchists, even being a victim of Shah's Savak in the past, and on May 11, 2002,  I wrote In Defense of Prince Reza Pahlavi supporting RP's call for human rights in Iran, as a genuine call by him.  And on April 19, 2003, I even wrote in Prince Reza Pahlavi Needs to Call for A Constitution Conference, that if RP *abdicates*, he could call for future constitution conference of Iran. 


Since then I observed that RP had no intention of *abdicating*, and he wanted to continue to play the dual role of future king and private citizen, and I wrote that after July 9th last year, when the main parts of pro-democracy movement asked him to take one of the two roles, and he evaded the issue, he basically lost the second role, and was reduced to a force like the French Royalists, who still work for restoration of monarchy after 200 years.  Of course, he has every right to do so, and since, I ignored talking about RP, and only from time to time, I noted the abuses of some of his followers, and just thought of him to be naive, for continuing the dual role, and thought of harassments by some monarchists on his part, as loose cannons, and I wrote on several occasions in open articles, to inform him about these harassments that were done in his name.  And I summed up my analysis of Iranian monarchy in Myth of Democratic Monarchy for Iran.

In the last couple of months, I have become convinced that none of the actions of RP supporters are uninformed actions of loose cannons, and that Reza Pahlavi and Iranian monarchists have a clear plan to kill the Iranian pro-democracy movement, and to come to power in Iran by using the United States and part of the clergy. Their plan is *officially* RP to call for "Today only Unity" and non-interference of U.S. in Iran, and *unofficially* monarchist mafia to try to discredit independent leaders of pro-democracy movement and try to get U.S. to invade Iran.


Basically the monarchists are grateful to the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) for having wiped out the leftist forces in 1981 and 1988 massacres.  As I have explained in other articles, the progressive movement of Iran in the past, has been basically the left, and wiping out the left, meant wiping out the people's democratic movement, and monarchists use and have used the same anti-Communist hysteria to wipe out the democratic people's movement, during the Shah as IRI has done and they still do even when in opposition. 


The monarchists are now busy to attack all the forces and personalities of the people's movement abroad by reviving the anti-Communist bigotry of Shah's time. I am a critic of Communism because I oppose state economy and the dictatorship of Communist states, but I condemn inquisition of Communists because of their ideology being atheist, which is the crux the anti-Communist bigotry of Shah's time, IRI, and the monarchists today. That was when Sha'boon Bimokh (notorious thug of Shah's time now living in L.A.), in his interview has admitted that he supported mollah Falsafi in the mosque, when Falsafi would say "Commu" means *God* and "nist" means *is not*, thus saying Communist means *there is no God* and this way to instigate the masses against the left.


Also among the forces remaining from Iranian people's movement, monarchists see mojAhedin as a real powerful force and they were hoping to wipe them out through the U.S. invasion of Iraq, and thus become so-called unchallengeable.  I am a critic of mojAhedin because I call for democratization of their organization, and even if forgetting their working with Saddam during Iran-Iraq War, I expect them to end all attacks on Iranian pro-democracy forces and personalities.  But I consider the people who have joined mojAhedin during Shah's time or during IRI to be honest people, who cared for democracy and freedom in Iran, and many of them were wiped out by IRI in the last 25 years, and I hope that either mojAhdein democratizes or when these people leave mojAhdein, they form their own democratic groups and not join IRI or the U.S. covert forces.


But the efforts of monarchists is not limited to to discrediting the above forces.  For example, every time someone like Shiring Ebadi gets the attention of world community as a leading figure, Reza Pahlavi and the monarchists on one side *officially* support her, but *unofficially* using their channels like Azadi TV, try to degrade her in the eyes of Iranians and the world.  Again I have written my opinion about Shirin Ebadi and why Islamic Democracy is *not* Pluralism, but here my point is about the insincere approach of the monarchists.


Essentially Iranian monarchists, on one hand, talk like Reza Pahlavi, when he *officially* says "Today only Unity", but on the other hand, *unofficially*,  they work hard to wipe out the secular Iranian movement.  They think the mellizmazhabis are not a threat to their power in the future and try to neutralize them while closely working with some top mollahs like Hassan Khomeini promising them share of future power.  They try to wipe out the Iranian pro-democracy movement, using mollahs and IRI, the same way Shah left the mosque open hoping the mollahs would discredit secular leaders and would kill the secular movement in Iran. And also anti-Communist bigotry of their channels like Azadi TV which is paid by the U.S. money, when the ones they call Communists are not even leftists and they know it, and why they do this, is because they want to kill the secular movement of Iran and try to badmouth its leaders. 


Recently the monarchists in action are attacking the nationalists like Jebhe Melli by the same anti-Communist slogans, hoping that part of the anti-left nationalists will join the rank of the monarchists, and the rest they hope to isolate.  They are doing all these attacks on pro-democracy movement Azadi TV and on various political forums when targeting  Iranian independent secular forces calling them Communists, etc.


Monarchists are dreaming what Khomeini did to continue, and to finish off the rest of the independent secular pro-democracy opposition, by the mollahs, IRI, or the U.S.  The Iranian people have no trust in the monarchists and after the experience of Khomeini, Iranians are aware not to trust Shah and Sheikh for our future.  The double game of monarchists who on one side talk of "Today only Unity" but on the other hand are attacking Iranian opposition, with anti-Communist bigotry, on Azadi TV and elsewhere, only proves to Iranians not to even give a benefit of doubt to the monarchists when they talk of human rights. 


Reza Pahlavi has been working with Khomeini's grandson hoping that a section of Iranian clergy will reinstate the monarchy and that the monarchy will pay them back for their "good" work of killing off the Iranian democratic opposition, which they call leftist, or kharAbkAr.


The reality is that all IRI has done, is not paving the way for monarchy to come back to power unchallenged, as they are imagining the reality to be.  IRI only helped the opposition to get out of its doctrinaire ideologies, and understand its own shortcomings in areas of democracy and progress, and work for all-encompassing democracy and a future-oriented program.  Moreover Iranian pro-democracy movement has grown in both numbers and political maturity. 


Iranian people trust the pro-democracy independent people's movements, and not the monarchists, who want to get back to power, to loot Iran more, hoping a nonresistance, thinking their enemies were killed off by IRI.  That is a dream or a nightmare. 


Even countries like Saudi Arabia, that are supported by the U.S., in its old heritage of Cold War years, are on the verge of collapse, and U.S. will not add another Shah's regime to these unstable states, even with all the repetition of support of Iranian for the U.S., which is true but does not mean support of monarchy, but is its reverse.  The future of Middle East is democracy and secularism and forces like Iranian monarchy are history.  Those among the monarchists who are democrats, and only read and publish the pro-democracy activists who support monarchists,  and who are not part of the monarchist plan to wipe out Iranian pro-democracy movement, may want to see that the monarchy is trying to use all of them and their colleagues, to come back to powers,  when mollahs, mellimazhabis, and IRI pave the way, on the tombs of Iranian pro-democracy opposition, for the wishful ascendance of Pahlavis with the U.S. help.


It is important to note that Iranian pro-democracy movement is *not* anti-American and from Jebhe nationalists to leftists to futurists, we support *open* and nonbinding dialogue with the U.S. and the rest of the world, when such talks are open and that do not compromise our independence. 


Monarchists try to show Iranian pro-democracy forces as anti-American to use the U.S. to invade Iran to come to power.  After the Iraq experience, the U.S. is seeing that the best solution for change in the Middle East is by the democratic people's forces inside Middle Easter countries and not by some group like monarchists, that are hungry to get back their privileges, trying to use U.S. army to get back to the throne. 


Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


May 10, 2004





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