Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي IPC's Analysis of Some US Government Institutions: True or False
Sam Ghandchi

تحلیل «آی پی سی» در مورد برخی مؤسسات دولتی آمریکا: درست یا غلط

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Five days ago, Dr.X of IPC published his analysis of some US government institutions including VOA. This author wrote a response to IPC the next day and noted that I really do not like to get into all these discussions as to how US government runs its business and in my books and articles have always endeavored to be fair and non-partisan. As far as analysis of some US government institutions is intended, Dr.X of IPC has said it all, but here is my own personal experience: Following the signing of JCPOA between Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) and the Obama Administration, after working at VOA for 8 years and having a public blog called Faradid at the VOA website which I published using my own real name but on the VOA website, VOA informed me two weeks before the New Year 2013 that they will not renew my contract! Subsequently during the last 8 years, I applied for many jobs in DC but most jobs here in DC especially if you like to work related to Iran, in one way or the other, require Security Clearance and I just got the runaround. One of my close relatives who hates politics and is a purely technical person had applied for security clearance long before me and already had an *interim*, but two weeks after I applied for security clearance, his interim clearance was cancelled and since he is young and in a technical profession and current, found work in private industry and gave up on jobs related to the US government and thinks to leave DC for good because of all these commotions he has suffered that are all because of my political activity which has affected his life despite being a natural born US citizen although having Iranian ancestry but except during childhood never even traveled to Iran, but of course a family relationship with this author and I have been a US citizen for a long time and have lived most of my life in the last 51 years in the USA!  These experiences of political discrimination right in the heart of US democracy has been a real frustrating experience for me as a journalist, translator, and web editor and has destroyed my personal life in every way which may be hard to imagine.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 30, 2020
















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