Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي PR: Pseudo Help for Corona Victims
Sam Ghandchi

روابط عمومی: کمک قلابی برای قربانیان کرونا

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President Trump has announced a one-time $1200 check for each adult ($500 per child) which I am sure will be paid, but so many companies and institutions have announced pseudo-help for corona virus victims that are just PR. How do I know? I lost my job 8 years ago by Islamic Republic NIAC supporters who run VOA although I am a more qualified journalist, and it was political discrimination. And all PR of well-wishers never helped me and my family all these years, and just used up all my inheritance, borrowed money on top of it, and suffered. One can say losing income and becoming a victim was in a way my own choice, both because of the political views I hold and for wanting to stay in an Iran-related job when in reality I live in the U.S. But becoming a Corona victim was not anybody's choice and those living from paycheck to paycheck cannot live on PR empty promises. In the old days, in situations like this, the rich would help the general population through religious charities and we still see a very small part of that tradition in the U.S., i.e. soup kitchens that even Steve Jobs used, when he was hungry and did not have a job. But such help is not much in Modern Society because people say they pay taxes to the government to take care of these situations, nonetheless, as discussed extensively in the past, the system hardly has alternative income built into it. In modern world, income not based on work or property ownership has been through welfare state in Europe, which is almost non-existent in the US. Maybe the 1% needs to do something for the 99% before we start seeing rise of looting and theft in the country. And the leftists please do not start preaching socialism to us, which we tried for one and a half centuries, and brought us neither social justice nor freedom, and especially majority of Iranian left abroad better not say anything because they created NIAC and were their accomplice all these years.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
April 7, 2020
















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