Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Simulation: Corona, Hydroxychloroquine, Trump
Sam Ghandchi

سیمولاسیون: کرونا، هیدروکسی کلروکین، ترامپ

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President Trump says to use Hydroxychloroquine, a malaria drug to cure COVID-19 patients. Leaders of Biomedical Research institutions say they need one and a half years to test and mention the same length of time to test vaccines. This 'one-and-half-year' test barrier is Achilles' heel of biomedical research. Why? Because of slow nature of biological processes and multitude of side effects. What is the alternative? Simulation, as Kurzweil reminded us a long time ago. But, Simulation should not be led by bureaucrat doctors in the government health institutions. It needs to be led by computer technology leaders who have done simulation successfully at companies like Intel in the last half century. Simulations need huge budgets to be an effective endeavor and not just a token, nonetheless, the cost of most extensive simulation work would be a fraction of trillions of dollars now spent to help people to stay at home because of corona virus, and this investment which would be an infrastructure spending can be used for other viruses and similar situations in the future.


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April 6, 2020
















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