Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Corona: A US Governor Says Sacrifice Elderly to Save Economy
Sam Ghandchi

مقاله ی مرتبط: در شمال ایتالیا به افراد بالای 60 سال دستگاه تنفس مصنوعی نمی دهند

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The news is all over the Internet including Facebook and I do not want to name a US governor who was speaking this week about Corona pandemic, elderly and getting the economy moving. A week ago we heard something similar regarding Corona virus from Italy about those above 60. When I was a child my father told me a story and I found it in Persian at the following link and just translated it into English:

Once upon a time there were a married couple with a little boy who lived in a small cabin. Suddenly the husband's mother passed away and his father joined the couple. After a while the wife complained that she has no strength to take care of the old man. The husband not thinking of any other option, bought a huge bag and at night put his father in the bag and placed the bag on his back to take it out to the woods and leave it there to rid himself of the trouble. Accidentally the little boy saw the scene from the window, opened the window and screamed at his father and said when you come back, make sure to bring back the bag. The father asked why? Little boy said I want to make sure when I grow up and you are a weak and frail old man, to put you in the same bag and leave you in the woods."*


Two weeks ago I wrote an article entitled "Camaraderie and Modern Futurist Movement."


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