Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Camaraderie and Modern Futurist Movement
Sam Ghandchi

کمارادری و جنبش آینده نگری مدرن

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We have discussed Modern Futurism for a long time. Three years ago in 'Futurists and the Left: Differences and Agreements,' I did not mention anything about 'camaraderie.' Actually I do not personally know most of the futurists in Iran because futurism has grown in Iran in the last 38 years when I lived abroad; but most Iranian futurists whether inside the country or abroad come from leftist background just like in the past in the US, Daniel Bell and Alvin Toffler had come from a leftist background although most current futurists in the U.S. are not from a leftist background. When thinking of camaraderie, I used to think Americans and Westerners are more individualistic than Iranians whether futurist, leftist or holding other outlooks, but it seems to me there is still a difference between futurists and leftists regardless of cultural background as far as camaraderie is concerned. I should note that some of the leading American futurists I have known and personally been fortunate to be in contact with over the years, were and are very caring people including Daniel Bell, Willis HarmanGerard O'Neill, Jeff Cornish, Jack Li, Willis Harman, Cindy Wagner, Joseph Coates, Eric Klien, K. Eric Drexler, and Ray Kurzweil. But my perception of Modern Futurist Movement is that it lacks *camaraderie* and maybe this is a reason it has not grown like the Left which can be easily observed in the 2020 US presidential election. Frederick Engels has a book where he resembles the socialist movement of his time to the communities of Early Christians long before Christianity became the official religion of Roman Empire. True that both those movements were religious and semi-religious whereas Modern Futurism is not, nonetheless, maybe camaraderie had an important role in the success of both those movements. Four years ago Iranian Secular Democratic Party (ISDP) which is a Futurist Party was formed abroad by Dr. Esmail Nooriala and his friends; Dr. Esmail Nooriala lives in Denver, Colorado. True that in contrast to American Futurists, ISDP has a specific political agenda to end the IslamicKKK regime in Iran, whereas American futurists have avoided politics for more than half a century, but I can say still *camaraderie* has played a major role in the tremendous growth and success of ISDP.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
March 16, 2020
















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