Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Nancy Pelosi: *King President* Comment in Impeachment Discussion
Sam Ghandchi

نانسی پلوسی: کامنت *شاه پرزیدنت* در بحث استیضاح

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Last night Nancy Pelosi, US Speaker of the House had a discussion about impeachment proceedings of President Trump at a CNN Town Hall meeting. Mentioning Thomas Paine, she raised a point from the time of founders of the United States that in US Constitution, we do not have *President Kings* and here in the U.S., the presidents have to follow checks and balances. Personally, as far as President Trump is concerned, I have nothing to add to what I wrote about impeachment attempts two years ago. But I noticed today in the Persian press and social networks (both "position" and "opposition", supporters and opponents of President Trump), this fundamental topic of her discussion received no attention. Thomas Paine's works were written almost 250 years ago and I believe have been translated to Persian.


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