Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Why European Leaders Misunderstand IRI External Crisis
Sam Ghandchi
چرا رهبران اروپایی بحران بیرونی رژیم اسلامی را درک نمی کنند

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I should stop publishing and focus on personal matters as noted recently, but again the news about Iran drags me into writing. European leaders think of IRI external crisis in terms of Iran's history just like most Iranian intellectuals, and compare it to situations such as the time of Iran's Constitutional Movement, WWI, Rise of Soviet Union in the world and Reza Shah in Iran, WWII Anglo-Soviet occupation of Iran in 1941, or 1953 Coup. Iran under the Islamic Regime since 1979, not only is ruled by an IslamicKKK which is unprecedented in Iran's history, but also IRI, externally, has no similarity to all those past experiences of Iran in Modern Times. IRI's foreign policy is more like the Cuba of Fidel Castro, which was not a simple outcome of the international situation and was particular to Cuba. It is true that economically Cuba mainly relied on Soviet Union whereas IRI has relied on its oil income, but Cuba's actions in support of Communists in Latin America were very similar to what IRI has been doing in support of Shiite movements and other adventures in the Middle East.  What Mike Pompeo said about IRI to become normal, when he first started as US Secretary of State, was understood by this author as if he was resembling Iran of today to the Soviet Union of Gorbachev times, whereas perhaps he was resembling it to Cuba of Fidel Castro which would be more appropriate, and very far from the understanding of Europeans.


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