Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي IRI's Dangerous Game: Provoking Israel to Drown a Ship in Strait of Hormuz
Sam Ghandchi
بازی خطرناک رژیم اسلامی ایران: تحریک اسراییل به غرق کشتی در تنگه هرمز

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Yesterday IRI supposedly warned Israel against aiding US mission in Strait of Hormuz.  In reality, some crazy generals of IslamicKKK ruling Iran want to provoke Israel to enter Persian Gulf hostilities and their goal is to get a ship drowned in the Strait of Hormuz and blame the resulting catastrophe of ruining all economies of the Persian Gulf on US and Israel. They hope such calamity to turn the Arab people of the region against their governments and the U.S. In an article in Persian yesterday, this author discussed in details the IRI's general strategy in the Middle East. What we are witnessing is a very devious game plan which will have disastrous outcome for all people of the Middle East and the only winner will be major oil and gas exporters outside the Middle East, especially Russia.


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Sam Ghandchi
August 10, 2019
















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