Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي This Author's Analysis of US Policy on IRI

Sam Ghandchi

تحلیل این قلم از سیاست آمریکا برای ج.ا.ا

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What this author is writing in this article is not based on any real news or information from any source and is simply what I personally think which could be right or wrong. In my opinion, United States has no intention to have a war with Iran, and US President basically executes the US Policy. Now let's say somebody on the street has no intention of picking a fight with you but you kill their kid in front of their eyes, then anything may happen; here I am not talking about such scenarios and am just discussing what I think is the real US policy towards the Islamic Regime ruling Iran. I believe US did not even want to have a war with Taliban in Afghanistan but Al Qaeda's 911 attack on WTC in NY caused the US attack on Afghanistan and even to this day, US has tried to make peace with Taliban. As far as Saddam Hussein, I believe US had no intention to have a second war with Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein's regime after the exit of Iraqi forces from Kuwait, but continuous belligerence of Saddam Hussein caused a change in policy and we witnessed US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Of course, we need to add that the US correctly knew Saddam's forces could not execute a protracted war with the U.S. but the terrorism of Islamist Al Qaeda and later the Daesh inside Iraq was basically something unexpected for the U.S.


I believe US policy on Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) has not been to attack Iran, and despite the savage hostage-taking by IRI and savage <Death-to-America Slogans> of IRI parliament, US did not change policy. Even partial support of Iranian monarchists, Mojahedin and Separatists has been a hedge by the U.S. to gain points in negotiations with IRI and was not intended for military attack on Iran all these 40 years. This does not mean the U.S. liked IRI, no they do not, and just like in the case of Soviet Union, the U.S. supports some civil activities against IRI similar to VOA TV broadcasts the same way Radio Free Europe was active against the Soviet Union during Cold War Era. Surely this policy by its nature helps Islamic Reformists and specifically Mr. Hassan Rouhani but it does not mean US necessarily cares for that particular force in Iranian politics. Now just like the time of Soviet Union, US will negotiate on arms control, nuclear energy, terrorism and other areas of concern, but frankly US has no plan to make a revolution in Iran. Any real change in Iran will be done by Iranian people themselves and this is not just a cliché and was explained in Persian in an article today.

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
17, 2019
















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