Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Dear President Trump, Iranian People Want a Regime just Like the U.S.A.
Sam Ghandchi
پرزیدنت ترامپ، مردم ایران رژیمی عیناً مثل آمریکا می خواهند




Dear President Trump, Different lobbies may tell you otherwise, and surely the rise of Islamist State of Khomeini in Iran is a long story (1), but the truth is that Iranian people want a secular democratic republic just like what we have in the United States. This is not even true of Turkey that has been considered as the most secular country in the Middle East beside Israel (2), where there is a strong desire for the revival of Ottoman Empire.  For about a century, everyone of us Iranians have wanted to live in the USA, although it worked for some of us and did not work for some others. It is all this simple. If US presidents had just supported this simple desire of Iranian people for a secular democratic republic, it would have been a win-win situation for American and Iranian people, because we both want the same thing. Thank you again for supporting the Uprising96 of Iranian people on December 28, 2017 where people on the streets of 128 cities in Iran protested, and clearly stated our desire for a secular democratic state in Iran, and I wrote the following lines about our gratitude towards your support at the time of January 1, 2018:


"It was heartwarming that the US President Donald Trump expressed his support for this movement two days ago and hope all people and politicians regardless of their differences about Iran, to create a worldwide support for this movement and not to pay attention to the words of Islamist Reformists abroad who advise against such support, which will be appreciated by all those who are putting their lives at risk for secular democracy to succeed in Iran and hopefully the rest of the Middle East. Iranian Secular Democratic Party has been advocating this roadmap for a long time and is actively helping this movement. Wishing everyone a happy new world year of two thousand and eighteen" (3).



Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

October 3, 2018




1. FUTURIST IRAN: Futurism vs Terrorism (Online Book)
ایران آینده نگر: آینده نگری در برابر تروریسم


2. Danger of IRI-Israel War .. and What Iranian Opposition Needs to Do
خطر جنگ جمهوری اسلامی و اسرائیل ..و اینکه اپوزیسیون چه کار میتواند بکند


3. Worldwide Support for Iran's Historic Anti-Islamist Uprising is Necessary
نیاز به حمایت جهانی از خیزش تاریخی ضد اسلامگرایی در ایران



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