Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Need Support for a Project to Write New Edition of Futurist Iran Book
Sam Ghandchi
نیاز به حمایت مالی برای پروژه نگارش ویرایش جدید کتاب ایران آینده نگر




I wrote a book entitled Futurist Iran, Futurism vs Terrorism in 2003 and made it available electronically on the Internet, in English and in Persian. The book has been well-received by the readers inside Iran and along with a review by World Future Society can be accessed using the following links:

Since publishing the Futurist Iran book 15 years ago, I have written more than 2000 articles that can be found at the following link:

I am planning to write a new edition of the Futurist Iran book incorporating some of the content of my articles of the last 15 years. To do this work, which I reckon will take a year to accomplish, I need financial support. If you know of any individual or institution that would be interested in sponsoring my project, I would greatly appreciate any help they can provide. Please feel free to forward this request to anyone you deem appropriate and I can be contacted at Iranscope. Iranscope's Contact Info is at the following link:


My professional profile is available on LinkedIn at the following address:

Thank you,

Sam Ghandchi

October 3, 2018