Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Unfortunately We are Returning to the Failures of Last 40 years
Sam Ghandchi

متأسفانه بسوی تکرار شکستهای 40 سال گذشته بر می گردیم




About 15 years ago, I published the first edition of Futurist Iran book (1). In September of 2003, World Future Society wrote the following review about the book:


Futurism could help end terrorism by Islamic fanatics, argues Iranian futurist Sam Ghandchi, editor and publisher of In his new book, FUTURIST IRAN, Ghandchi calls for a futurist program that builds up freedom and progress in an open society. It is this freedom and openness that will counter support for terrorists' creation of an ideal Islamic state. Toward that end, he proposes an Iranian Futurist Party platform. "For years, I have been arguing for a futurist program for Iran when viewing Iran's issues of development into the twenty-first century," he writes in the book's introduction. "The old ways of the right and the left will neither work for the freedom of Iran, nor can they be used to build a new Iran." (2)


Unfortunately today, 37 years after my endeavors and 15 years after the publication of Futurist Iran book, the political programs in international movement and in Iran's political movement are still either leftist still thinking like the Cold War Era or are conservative right who also still think like Cold War Era, and if a middle road could have worked, Tito's Yugoslavia and Kim Il Sung's North Korea would have opened a new road for humanity. No, the new road is to go beyond the Industrial Society and be futurist; but, unfortunately futurism has not been able to evolve to a political-organizational program and I am not personally happy about this. But this is the reality. In other words, it is not just the Islamists who are stuck in history, seculars are the same way and one cannot pass this impediment by patchworks. A new generation is needed whose thinking is not stuck in the Cold War Era and can view the world in a fresh way and not be after the return to the so-called "Golden Era" of 19th and 20th Centuries.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

September 5, 2018





1. FUTURIST IRAN: Futurism vs Terrorism
ایران آینده نگر: آینده نگری در برابر تروریسم












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