Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي New Cold War and Armed Action
Sam Ghandchi

جنگ سرد جدید و اقدام مسلحانه


Cold War


This discussion is just thinking out loud and not a political position and am eager to hear the feedback of readers. Maybe it is too early to say, but it seems to me we have entered a new Cold War era where on one side we see United States and its allies and on the other side we see Russia and its allies including Iran, Syria, and others, while China and Europe have primarily stayed neutral politically although not in all regions. In mid 20th Century, Cold War was simultaneous with the rise of liberation movements that were basically armed struggle. In contrast, it seems like in this new Cold War era, the armed action is mainly done by reactionary Islamist forces such as Daesh and Hezbollah and the armed war with them is also mainly by US and/or Russia and their allies which may even include other Islamists. Although we can see armed resistance by some liberation movements such as the Kurds in Syria, but it is more of an exception than the rule. It seems like in the era of this new Cold War, the people's movement is mainly nonviolent and not armed action whether one lives in Iran, Russia or in the U.S.

Hoping for a democratic and secular
futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher

December 4, 2017


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