Who is Sending Viruses to Iranians??



There are virus-infected email attachments that are sent out to hurt the computer users.  It is creating suspicion and hate among Iranians of different political leanings.  Some who are very opposed to Islamists think it is coming from the Islamists.  Some who have been outspoken against the MKO, think it is coming from mojAhdin zealot supporters.  Others who have been outspoken against the Baha'is, think it is from some Baha'i zealots.  The list goes on and on and people get supicious of each other because of this.


Many years ago, I wrote an article entitled "End Justifying the Means" when some people had put a bomb in the Shrine of Imam Reza and I think this situation is very similar:




People have differences of opinions for the future of Iran and they can be 100% against each others' views but anybody who allows himself/herself to send a virus to someone else and uses their differences as the justification for themselves or others, is *not* an Islamist, MKO, Bahaist, etc.  Such an individual is a *criminal* and must be treated as such.  There is no excuse for such vicious criminal actions.  If you are under such an attack, please do not think that you are attacked by holders of any specific political thought or ideology.  Being clear that you are attacked by a criminal who uses political and ideological differences as an excuse is the first step to better deal with this sad reality.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher



Sept 17, 2002





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