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Sam Ghandchi

گوگل و ایرانیان


This morning I received an email from Google Adsense stating that their ad serving has been disabled to my website because my content is primarily in an unsupported language and they have sent me the link to the list of languages Google AdSense supports which does not include Persian language (1).


I started my Google AdSense account 13 years ago and my maximum income from this source has been less than $100 a month. So really this service does not pay my bills but I am writing this article because I think Google AdSense is not fair to Iranians on this matter. This has nothing to do with my views about Google in general which I actually have mostly supported all these years especially when they stood up to Internet censorship in China (2).


Let me first say that my website is bilingual and English is a supported language of AdSense. On my site, the content relevant to English speakers is in English and the content relevant to Persian speakers is in Persian, so it is hard to say what the primary language of the site is. This is why Google AdSense has served ads to my site for 13 years and I am surprised why suddenly they have a change of heart.


But regardless of the situation of my site, we can ask why Persian language is not supported by AdSense whereas Google has the Persian capability and its search engine has been supporting Persian for years. Persian language is a language used by Iranians all over the world regardless of whether Islamic Republic rules in Iran, or any other government is in charge in Iran.


Why does Google AdSense discriminate against Persian speakers because of whatever the state of relations of US government is with Iran's government? Iranians living in the US or elsewhere in the world deserve to use AdSense service as much as any other ethnic group living here.

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
June 24, 2016



1. Languages AdSense supports


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