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Sam Ghandchi
در سوگ ماورین مینسکی


Ray Kurzweil's personal note in memory of Marvin Minsky is a real worthwhile reading (1). New York Times article of passing away of Marvin Minsky on Sunday, Jan 25th, 2016 at the age of 88 has enumerated his extensive works in science and technology (2).


Marvin Minsky was one of the greatest thinkers of our times and the founder of Artificial Intelligence. In the second preface to "Intelligent Tools: The Cornerstone of a New Civilization" (3), I have quoted the following from his book Society of Mind: "What if some visitor from Mars had come a billion years ago to judge the fate of earthly life watching clumps of cells that hadn't even learned to crawl? In the same way, we cannot grasp the range of what machines may do in the future from seeing what's on view right now." The model of frames for intelligence and philosophy of mind which Minsky introduced in that book has been used as a logical model for many AI systems (4). Personally I have learned a lot from him.


The great works of Marvin Minsky in science and technology and his memories will always stay alive with us.

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
January 26, 2016


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