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ترجمه ی شعر جنگل فراموش شده و در زیر آن یادداشت کوتاهی درباره ی او به فارسی ترجمه شده از متن انگلیسی و همچنین از بیوگرافی کوتاه انگلیسی درباره ی جک لی از این قلم





If the days of the old were good,

But, why then it came to pass?

If the world of the yesteryears was so beautiful,

But, why they all disappeared into the wind?

Are we dare not foresake the dreams of the past;

Yet, do not have the courage to face

the unknowns of the future?

Yet, every day is a new day,

And there is not a trace of yesterday to be found!

Except the earth and the skies remain the same

Everything must be made anew for life to continue


Little Rock (i.e. Jack Li) 1989 Mundus Novus




What is time?

Time started at the BIG BANG!

Cosmic time, galactic time, earth time ....

Time, and time again.

A star is born, a new time.

A baby is born, a new life time.

From a single cell to a fish, a long time,

Twenty billion earth years, a very long time.

From an amoeba to a human being, a long long time.

An infant, a child, an adolescent;

A young adult, a middle ager, an old person,

A life span of time.

What time you have now and where is your time?

Can you stop the time or roll back the time?

Where does time end or start?

Time has written on our face, so is on your body.

Time for you to come and for you to go.

Time flies like an arrow, yet, flows like water.

A time to love and to forgive.

And the time to let everything go.


Little Rock (i.e. Jack Li) 1989 Mundus Novus





At dawn,

By the shore.

A gentle breeze brushes by,

Soft and under the feet.

Gazing at the horizon;

Waiting for the Sun to rise.


What would the new age bring?!

Would the lark still sing?!

Where the flowers bloom in spring?!

When our dreams will take to the wing?!

Will this time make the free spirit ring?!

Hope, Wait, And dream!


After the dawn,

I shall look for those stars left on the shore;

Stars that had flung on the beach

by the Star Gazer.

Whose heart is full of love and tender.

(He washes these stars with his tears.

Then he wipes them with his fingers.)


In the meadow of the forgotten forest,

The banquet is ready to start.


Little Rock (i.e. Jack Li) 1989 Mundus Novus



* The above poems were first published in the Winter 1989 issue of Mundus Novus.

**The article was first posted on SCI (soc.culture.iranian) Usenet newsgroup on Sep 15,1999.


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