Iran's Future Constitutionقانون اساسي ايران

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Discussion about Future Constitution قانون اساسي آينده ايران

Dr. Masoud Kazemzadeh-Why We Need to Discuss Post-IRI Constitution Today


Iran's Future Constitution قانون اساسي آينده ايران

Unity around a Draft Constitution-Sam Ghandchi [2003]    اتحاد به دور طرح قانون اساسي-سام قندچي


New Constitution-Referendum of Progress and Petrifaction [2005]  قانون اساسي جديد- رفراندوم ترقي و تحجر

Referendum Society [2004]   جمعيت رفراندوم

Towards Constitutional Congresses for Iran [2004]   بسوي کنگره هاي قانون اساسي براي ايران

Iran & Law: Virtue or Rights [2003]  قانون و ايران: فضيلت يا حقوق

Intro to Discussion About Proposed Future Constitution

Disappointing Draft of Afghanistan's New Constitution

Freedom of Political Parties [2003]  آزادي احزاب سنگ محک دموکراسي

What Will be Iran's Future Constitution?

Futurist Party Platform  [2004]  پلاتفرم حزب آينده نگر

Interesting Documents about Participatory Democracy


Iran's PRESENT & PAST Constitutions


Original Mashrootiat Constitution قانون اساسي ايران-مشروطيت

Pahlavi Era Constitution قانون اساسي ايران-پهلوي

IRI Constitution-1st Sourceقانون اساسي جمهوري اسلامي

IRI Constitution-2nd Soruceقانون اساسي جمهوري اسلامي




Initiative and Referendum Institute Europe

The European Constitution

The European Constitution in diff langs, Amendments and Proceedings

United States of America- Constitution

United States of  America- Bill of Rights


Afghanistan- Constitution

Turkey -Constitution

Jordan -Constitution

Spain- Constitution

Belgium- Constitution




Are 'Western, Constitutions Relevant to Anything Other than the Countries they Serve?

What belongs in a Constitution

The Virginia Act For Establishing Religious Freedom

Testimonials Update of Constitution Society Web Site

Avalon Project of Yale

Center for Civic Education

J S Mill - On Liberty

Thomas Paine's "Age of Reason"


Dr. Kazemzadeh -Books Recommended in Syllabus<



Iran's Flags


About Flag-Farhangsara



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