The IRI apologists shamelessly post the news of hezbollAhi demonstrations in Tehran, on their so-called independent news websites, and use the header of “Iranians take to the streets in nation-wide anti-US protest “.  Since when, the hezbollAhis represent Iranians?  If Iranians had the freedom to go to the streets, they would demand a referendum to replace Islamic Republic with a democratic future_oriented republic and would have anti Islamic Republic protests all over Iran.


In the last month or so, since the murder of thousands of innocent people by the Islamist terrorists on Sept 11 in the U.S., the IRI apologists’ websites have tried their best to show the stands of Islamic Republic as the wishes of Iranian people, and have tried not to mention a word about the terrorist actions of Islamists, such as the terror of Kasravi, Bakhtiar, Ghasemloo, and Foruhars or the death threat of Islamic Republic leaders against Salman Rushdie and others. 


This is at the time when the world public opinion is the most receptive about the issue of terrorism, and the IRI apologists try to silence the real voice of Iranian people, the Iranian people who have suffered the most by the Islamic Republic’s terrorism in the last 20 years.  The magazines and news sites of Islamic Republic apologists try to give a picture that whoever does not support Islamic Republic is with the imperialists and they have used this fallacy to get many honest authors to be lukewarm towards Islamic Republic. 


IRI apologists did the same thing during the bloody Iran-Iraq war.  True that Iranian people never like the ones who collaborated with Iraq, but at the same time, Iranian people did not support the Islamist Fascists.  Islamic Republic is the bastion of Islamic fascism in the Middle East and the world and trying to show Iranian people as supporters of this murderous regime is the worst any news service can do.


One of these news sites even has a section on their website inviting Iranians and Iranian groups to post their positions about the Sept 11th atrocity, but they censor the ones who are seriously opposing the Islamic Republic, and do not post those submissions, while giving the façade that all opinions are posted, and they show their page as if all submissions of Iranians and Iranian groups are being posted on their page.


These magazines and news sites are whitewashing the murders of all the brave people and they do not have the honesty of even a standard news service to even reflect the positions of the ones who stood up for democracy and progress against the Islamic Republic in the last 20 years.  No matter what justification they use for their pseudo-journalism, they are in the footsteps of the lobbyist groups who are either agents or naïve supporters of the murderous regime of Islamic Republic of Iran.


Sam Ghandchi,  Publisher


Oct 12, 2001






* The above article was first posted on Jebhe BB on Oct 12, 2001


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