Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيWhat is in US-Iran Deal for Human Rights
Sam Ghandchi
چه چیزی در توافق آمریکا و ایران برای حقوق بشر هست

Although one cannot say it for sure but US-Iran deal may soon be sealed. Would such an event be good for Iran? Yes it will be. Of course, it will be better for Iranian government, but Iranian people will also benefit from it. The gains will not be limited to economic results of lifting current sanctions and will include defusing risk of war between the West and Iran. The give and take of post-sanctions' relations of Iran and the West will help more openness in Iran, not just economic, but social and political as well. In other words if sanctions pushed Iranian government to be more accountable, the post-sanctions relations will also help answerability.


The above are positive aspects of sealing the deal between six world powers and Iran. However, having diplomatic relations brings political considerations from US and European countries when addressing human rights in Iran. During the last year that intense Iran negotiations were under way, many proposals were brought up to pursue human rights objectives at the UN level in parallel (1).


If the US-Iran deal is signed soon, an action item with regards to human rights needs to be a part of it. Iran spends billions of dollars on Internet filtering to censor Iranian people. Just to counter this anti-human rights measure of Islamic Republic of Iran requires at least an equal amount of investment. Other violations of human rights in Iran have not stopped either even during the US-Iran negotiations and one cannot expect it to get any better after sealing the deal.


It is important that US-Iran deal to include provisions to provide a budget to be managed by United Nations to help human rights in Iran, considering the benefits the six world powers and Iranian government will gain from lifting of Iran sanctions. In the last 36 years there has been a lot said about what US and Europe can do for Iranians and today is when they can show it by a real UN budget to support human rights in Iran (2).

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
February 8, 2015


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