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Sam Ghandchi

پاسخ من به مطلب امروز بلاگ آقای آزادیبان





I just saw a post on Mr. Azadibaan's blog (parstorch) addressed to me. As I have written in the past, I do not know Mr. Azadibaan personally and have never had any contact with him by email or otherwise and just found his weblog accidentally on the Internet many years ago and had some political discussions about various topics with him on the Internet only through my site which are all available on my site; and also I added his blog to my list of Persian websites to reflect all views of Iranians about various topics to the best of my ability! I appreciate Mr. Azadibaan's concern about my well-being. As far as my travel to Iran which he has mentioned in his post, I should note that the last time I visited Iran was a little less than 10 years ago in Nowruz of 2014 when I *only* visited my family in Tehran and the farthest I traveled in Iran was to visit the tomb of my mother and father in Behesht Zahra, they had passed away since my previous visit of Iran 16 years prior to that trip in 1998! That was all! Actually ever since that time, I have not traveled anywhere in the world and not even anywhere far in the U.S. and basically the longest distance I have traveled in the last 10 years is probably driving 5 hours and in fact for 2 years I was not even able to drive more than 20 minutes because of my leg pain, and when I had an interview in Mehestan a month ago, I had to drive 4 hours to a friend's house which was not easy and it was because my Internet is always interrupted and cannot get a camera working here. Basically because of my health and financial situation, I am not able to travel and need to focus on my cancer. From time to time, I may post something on the Internet but unfortunately in my current health and financial situation, there is not much I can do and would like to thank Mr. Azadibaan and all my friends for caring and hope the best for all and if there is any life left for me and if I can post anything on the Internet from time to time, I will do my best!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
November 4, 2023

























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