Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي On Sidelines of 'For A Normal Life 242,' A Program of ISDP
Sam Ghandchi

در حاشیه ی «یک زندگی معمولی 242»، برنامه حزب سکولار دموکرات ایرانیان





An hour ago, I was watching the program "Episode 242 of A Normal Life" published by the leadership and cadres of ISDP (the Secular Democratic Party of Iran). It was a very interesting and informative discussion! In this regard, I would like to raise a topic that I have discussed 34 years ago in a paper entitled 'A Futurist Vision' that I published with my dear friend the late Jack Li, one of the founders of Beyond War! The fact the theory of 'nation-state' is an issue related to modern society and dates back at least to Machiavelli in terms of theory and Garibaldi in terms of practice and its peak we see during the era of Napoleonic Wars and to this day the structure of the United Nations is based on the 'nation-state' model, although some countries have essentially abandoned structural ethnic and religious discrimination and are like a melting pot of all ethnicities and religions mixed together and are secular democrats in the true sense of the word, such as the United States of America, and others such as the state of Israel, although they are basically secular democrats; however, they call themselves the 'Jewish state,' which is both an ethnic and religious concept! More importantly, generally the 'nation-state' model, based on which in many parts of the world, a dominant ethnic group was able to create a country with its own name, and even many European countries are actually named after that dominant ethnic group, the real world of the whole post-industrial society, especially since the end of 20th century, is moving away from the model that all these countries are based on! Does this mean that we break up the existing countries and start ethnic conflicts, which happened in the former Yugoslavia? No! But it is necessary to understand this truth and actively work to remove discriminations! More importantly, this fact does not mean that national and ethnic interests and other identity interests of people will disappear, just as tribal and family governments have disappeared for centuries, but interests in family and the ethnic traditions have not disappeared and it is not necessary to eradicate them although clans and families in modern society, have lost their political-government role, more and more, and even their political figures are presented in the world based on merit! Of course, in countries such as sheikhdoms of the Persian Gulf, there are still such family and ethnic governments, although mostly formal! Anyway, in the future of humanity, the role of national governments is becoming less and less, and even now, the importance of Secretary General of the United Nations, the executives of many international political and economic, human rights, scientific and technical organizations and agencies such as the 'IAEA' and 'IETF' and the role of executives of many multinational companies is greater than many rulers of national governments! With the best wishes for the friends of the Iranian Secular Democratic Party who continuously prepare such useful programs!

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
October 27, 2023

























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