Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي My Opinion: No Need to Create another Israel in Iran
Sam Ghandchi

نظر من: نیازی به ایجاد اسراییل دیگری در ایران نیست





Israel is a historical reality that even Iran and former Soviet Union voted positive for its formation at the UN and Iran's representative at the UN at that time was the late Fereydoun Esfandiari and I have written my opinion about Israel and Palestinians 16 years ago and have nothing to add despite condemning the murderous despicable recent criminal attack of Hamas on Israeli people and the current horrific crimes in its aftermath all over the Middle East about which in a postscript to my original article I emphasized again before all this global consequences:


"As I have written 16 years ago in this article both sides of the conflict may learn a lot from Martin Luther King movement in US History but this not an issue for me to decide and they know best what to choose for themselves; nonetheless, I just wish no conflict between Iran and Israel no matter what government is in power in either country and I would do my best to prevent any war between the two countries!"


A few minutes ago I published a link of a public admission about a historical fact entitled "CIA: 1953 Coup was Undemocratic," on my twitter, a fact which was denied for 70 years!


I would like to emphasize that there is no need to create another Israel in Iran although Israel has made a lot of progress and is a democratic country and Palestinians are better off to work like Native Americans and the Blacks in the USA, to deal with this historical reality!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
October 15, 2023

























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