Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Making an Asteroid Shield for Earth is a Must for Human Survival
Sam Ghandchi

ایجاد سپر دفاعی برای کره زمین در برابر سیارکها نیازی مبرم برای بقای بشریت است





So far **luckily** humanity has not had the fate of dinosaurs and we have survived but it has not been because of building a formidable technological barrier to the danger of a serious asteroid impact on Earth! It has been long overdue to do a global effort to make an asteroid shield to protect the survival of humanity and it is important to realize the fact that humanity has been lucky so far, but good luck cannot last forever and if to avoid nuclear wars we may have some hope in negotiations, there is no hope to negotiate with asteroids!


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Sam Ghandchi
September 30, 2023

























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