Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي On Sidelines of Nazanin Boniadi's Interview with Forbes
Sam Ghandchi

در حاشیه ی مصاحبه ی نازنین بنیادی با مجله ی فوربز

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I just listened to the very substantive interview of Ms. Nazanin Boniadi with the Forbes magazine. I agree and support everything she said in her interview but I disagree with Nazanin's assessment of the Islamist Regime of Iran (IRI) as an occupier force similar to Putin in Ukraine, although surely I consider IRI regime as similar to Putin's regime in Russia, i.e. native but reactionary! Now, the attacks on Nazanin in social media is not because of these kinds of differences of opinion! The attackers are the same NIAC agents and their cohorts that I discussed five months ago in my previous article entitled Supporting Nazanin Boniadi and Why I Condemn NIAC! In fact, after my recent articles about NIAC and a number of former Iranian Confederation leaders who work together with them, I was threatened by some of their gang members who have some following in Iranian opposition abroad because they used to be Confederation leaders during Shah's regime and frankly in the last 42 years they have not done any political activity worthy of mention with regards to the current IRI regime except for collecting rent from their old activism, and Iranians refer to them as "raantkhaar," they collect rent on their names because of their past work as opposition, and every time things get hot, show up and think of themselves as leaders they are not, whereas the facts of Iran21Revolution have been known for a longtime to those who really have been active all these years! Some of these individuals are connected to some factions of US Intelligence Services and the Hoover Institute in California. All the *critique* in my writings about NIAC and their gang, were political challenges but their attacks on me were personal attacks. I even have all NIAC people on my L1L2 lists. So I openly discuss my political differences and even help those opposing me to be heard! I could also write **mud** about them and actually one printshop worker in Iran who knew me and knew everything about the ring leader of this gang and his family life and had told me every details, nonetheless, I am not a mud-slinger and never said a word to anybody and neither wrote about all that! These people even more than 30 years ago before NIAC was formed when I was criticizing the IRI lobbyists on the Internet at SCI and other discussion forums on the Internet, did mud-slinging towards me making personal attacks and I still just wrote about their political views and I still do the same. They remind me of how Islamic Republic of Iran attacked the late Dr. Hassan Nazih when he started criticizing IRI after executions of opposition that started in 1980's and at the time the regime instead of responding to the political challenge, put an announcement saying they had found Playboy Magazine in Dr. Nazih's bedroom! The low-life individuals from the past Confederation who are cohorts of NIAC are now acting like their bosses in IRI intelligence services! All I can say to Ms. Nazanin Boniadi is that she is doing real good and the better she does, these animals will attack her more, just as they have threatened me recently (Sorry for insulting animals). Dear Nazanin Boniadi, keep up the good work and these IRI apologists and lobbyists are losing and this is why they make threats! Their biggest loss is not abroad, it is those like #MahsaAmini who stood up to these low-lives, right in the heart of Iran! At the present, NIAC in the political culture of Iran's opposition is synonymous with agent of Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI). Today Iran's great rapper 'Toomaj Salehi' because of questioning NIAC in his songs, is in IRI prison in danger of death! NIAC has infiltrated US information and security apparatus and should be tried in court for causing arrest of various Iranian activists like Toomaj inside Iran!


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,

Sam Ghandchi
April 13, 2023

























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