Sam GhandchiDown with the Islamic Republic of Iran

Sam Ghandchi


For more than 25 years the Iranian people have tried to reform the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), or to end it by peaceful means, but this regime, just like the regimes of Saddam and Taliban, has ended any hope for change, and the only remaining way for freedom and progress of Iran, is to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran.  This word of mine does not mean that Iranian people can make a revolt tomorrow, or they should revolt tomorrow.  But my word means that we should get ready for that day.  In fact, regimes such as IRI that see their continued existence in suppression and war, just like Saddam's state, Taliban's regime, and Hilter's Germany, either will change by foreign invasion, or like the United Stated before its revolution, the last ultimatum of the opposition to regime, like the letter of Jefferson to the British Government before the start of American Revolution, where the people's revolt aim at overthrowing the regime. 


Although the United States and India, both faced the same enemy, i.e. British colonialism, but in two different historical periods, the former ended in people's revolution, whereas the latter ended with a peaceful transition.   It is noteworthy that in the case of United States at the time of American Revolution, the British colonialists not only did not back down after Jefferson's ultimatum, but escalated their attacks, and even attacked the United States, years after its formation, at the time of Madison, and burned down the Whitehouse.


In reality, what is certain at the present, is the fact the efforts of the U.S. are focused on negotiations with IRI, and getting concessions, and the U.S. has no interest to start a war with IRI, which can expand terrorism, and damage the U.S. leadership.  Of course, in case of a serious revolt in Iran, such as the 1979 Revolution [], the U.S. will side with it, but as long as the movement is weak, the U.S. will not risk its position for negotiating with the IRI, by supporting the demands of those groups that want the U.S. to attack Iran.


Of course, parts of the Iranian movement, are used by foreign forces to get concessions from the IRI, as we have witnessed the used of some of Iran's opposition forces as legions of missionaries.  In fact, those groups of Iranian political forces, that want military attack of Iran, even among the hard line U.S. forces  have lost credibility, because the U.S. knows well that neither Iranian people want a U.S. attack, nor the U.S. attack has any benefit for the U.S. war on terrorism.  Therefore, those whom in the opposite direction, still think the biggest issue of Iranian political movement is to prevent a U.S. attack, are either naive or are the IRI supporters and apologists.


To overthrow the regime of Islamic Republic, the Iranian political movement should arrive at this position.  Thus although activities for the human rights demands and referendum, are still important, but all those activities, only make sense when viewed in organizing political parties to overthrow the regime.  If ten years ago, still the most important political duty, was to organize human rights groups, today the most important political task, is to organize parties with the aim of overthrowing the Islamic Republic of Iran.  The time has come that these efforts to become the main activity of all political groups of Iran.  I wished that IRI had ended before getting to this point, as it happened in Soviet Union, Eastern Block, and South Africa, which we have witnessed in the recent years, but unfortunately the similar states in Irans neighborhood, the regimes of Saddam and Talibam also were overthrown by military force, although in the form of foreign invasion and not people's uprising, but the IRI will be overthrown by strikes and people's revolts.


It is necessary that I emphasize again that I have not believed and do not believe in terrorist and guerrilla armed activities of a bunch of intellectuals.  Also in the current situation, I still see the main task of political forces to be *political* activity to organize people's movement for the overthrow of the regime, and not an armed uprising, and when the people's revolt starts, still the main form of people's movement willl be political strikes of National Oil Company and other similar strikes, and not military activities.  But what is important, is the fact that these struggles, will be aimed at overthrowing the regime, and not to moderate it.


In fact, all these conditions, have been forced on the Iranian people by IRI, which has done no reforms but deceptions, and in the last 26 years, this regime, has been in fight with the Iranian people, and in the recent IRI presidential election too, these IRI attacks on Iranian people reached a new height, by imposing a government of military pasdars on Iranian people, as if it is a justice-seeking state.  Although in the surface Ahmadinejad after victory, talks of opening the political and economic environment in Iran, but in action, his choices of his cabinet point at continuation of the IRI fight against Iranian people, and this way, the issue of overthrow of IRI, will become the central demand of all political groups of Iran.



Hoping for a Federal, Democratic, and Secular Futurist Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


July 8, 2005



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