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Dear Friends of Iran's Third Force Movement,


I would like to congratulate you for publishing the manifest of Iran's Third Force Movement:


I wrote the following article about post-modernism one and a half years ago, where I noted that post-modernism has been the basis of cultural relativism and that it has been over twenty years that post-modernism and cultural relativism have been the theoretical basis of the main part of the left in Iran and elsewhere in the world to support regimes of the like of Islamic Republic of Iran as so-called "progressive" regimes.  In fact, in today's world, the futurist outlook is the continuation of modernism, that represents progressiveness in our times, and not the post-modernist trend which is a retrogressive outlook.


Also I am glad to see you delve into detailed program issues in your manifest, and it is from these efforts that a comprehensive platform will finally be achieved:


I wish you success and I signed your communique:


Hoping for a Federal, Democratic, and Secular Futurist Republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher


May 20, 2005



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