Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Updated: Iraq Reminds me of Cambodia
Sam Ghandchi
به روز شد: عراق مرا به یاد کامبوج می اندازد

P.S. 10/8/19: The current anti-IRI protests in Iraq, is adding a new dimension to the situation discussed below, and may hopefully end up in formation of real Western-style secular democratic political parties among the Arabs of Iraq, whether Shiite, Sunni or not-religious, something that has been missing in Iraq for a long time. In contrast, regions mostly populated by the Kurds, have a long history of secular parties that have been a lot more democratic than the Ba'ath Party of Arab regions of Iraq. SG

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After the Killing Fields of Cambodia, US united with Vietnamese Communist government to get rid of Khmer Rouge. Later US and Cambodia had to find a way to work with Vietnam and it was and still is a love-hate relationship. For Iraq, not only to overthrow Saddam Hussein, but also after the take-over of Mosul by ISIS, US united with Islamic Regime of Iran (IRI) to get rid of ISIS. This time, US and Iraq had to find a way to work with IRI and it was and still is a love-hate relationship. Of course there is a huge difference between Communist Vietnam and Iran's IslamicKKK. Vietnamese Communists understand diplomatic relations whereas IRI started its "diplomacy" as a state, with hostage-taking at the US Embassy in Tehran shortly after winning power in 1979 and still has not apologized for that savagery and years later in another "diplomatic" attempt, in negotiations with the Kurdish leaders, openly killed negotiators like Ghasemlou and Sharafkandi even in Europe and never apologized for that either. The latest news, that hashd-al-shaabi is active near Iraq's border with Saudi, claiming to fight ISIS, and also US forces are returning to Saudi Arabia.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
July 23, 2019
















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