Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Zarif Says Trump's Perception of Short War with IRI is an Illusion

Sam Ghandchi

ظریف می گوید تصور ترامپ از جنگی کوتاه با ج.ا.ا. خطای باصره است

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Mr. Zarif has said what really the IRI reformists think. They believe that any war between the US and IRI, even if US overthrows IRI, will mean the unleashing of shiite insurgency inside Iran and elsewhere in the world including in the U.S., to overthrow the secular governments all over the world. This was the perception of Ayatollah Khomeini when he got to power in Iran and that was why he made threats to Saddam Hussein. But 40 years has passed since those days, and in real politics, IRI knows well, time for this kind of rhetoric has long passed. Today the likes of Kim Jong-un know when they make such rhetoric, there are no Communist fighters to take over the world and know they are like any other mafia boss, but not all IRI leaders know this truth about the the reality of current IslamicKKK regime and its status with people in Iran and elsewhere, a regime which is only supported by a small number of those who have made billions of dollars from it in these 40 years and IRI is not supported by the millions who are suffering in Iran living on nothing day to day and are mistreated everyday by the IslamicKKK ruling Iran. If Daesh in Iraq needed 2 years to show itself to the people, the Shiite daesh in Iran has had 40 years to show itself to the Iranian people.

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27, 2019
















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