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Sam Ghandchi

آیا عراق، کره جنوبی خاورمیانه خواهد شد




When Neocons planned George W. Bush's attack on Iraq, they said Iraq will become the Japan of the Middle East. But the subsequent terrorism by Al Qaeda and later Daesh stopped all such efforts and actually Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) took advantage of the situation and expanded its economic presence in Iraq. The current military presence of the United States in Iraq because of US-IRI conflict may help Iraq's economy a lot just as a similar military buildup in South Korea in response to North Korea's threat over the years helped South Korea to become a major economy in Asia Pacific even superseding Japan in many ways. And the main loser all that time were the people of North Korea. Time will tell what fate Iran and Iraq will have in the long run!

Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
26, 2019
















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