Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Request from FBI to Investigate Islamic Republic Meddling in Facebook
Sam Ghandchi
درخواست از اف بی آی برای تحقیق درباره عملیات جمهوری اسلامی در فیسبوک




To Whom it May Concern,


I have a facebook acct at the following address (1). I only use images in my posts that are created by me, or if third party, they are marked as "Labeled for Reuse with Modification" in google search. But the images of a number of the posts in my Facebook account have been blocked. The blocking is due to false report of copyright infringement about those images to Facebook. Islamic Republic agents who make false reports of copyright infringement either use VPN or work from inside US soil. Please investigate this situation and ask Facebook to unblock these images. BTW I have seen the same issue in my Twitter and YouTube accounts.


Thank you for your help.


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

September 28, 2018





1. My Facebook Acct Address




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