Shame on KDPI


It was just two months ago that Komala's Sassan Ale Kanaan was murdered by IRI. How can the rival KDPI now come and say:

"We continue [unarmed] activities inside Iran," said Mr Hassan-Zadeh. "And because we no longer have a military presence, the regime has stopped shelling Kurdish areas."

While KDPI has always been racist using the word "Iran" for IRI and "Iranian" for IRI agents, equating Fars people with IRI pAsdArs, when describing the attacks on Kurdestan in the past, but now they are helping IRI, when IRI is provoking a war with the U.S.

Although I do not believe socialism is the way for future of Iran, but I think Abdollah Mohtadi's positions of Komala in the following interview are the most progressive positions in the Iranian Kurdish opposition at the present:



Hoping for a Futurist,  Federal, Democratic, and Secular Republic in Iran


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher/Editor


May 2, 2003





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P.P.S. Regarding and The second one without an "h" at the end, here is what I can say to my knowledge:


1. []- mAmoostA ebrAhime alizadeh who is the leader of the second group which is part of the Communist Party of Iran (, is a very sincere person although he hardly knows much of even the Marxist theory and he is supposedly the First Secretary of a Communist Party!! Frankly I think he is being misused by which has put him in such a high position, because of his personal good records. This reminds me of hezbe toodeh that had placed soleymAn-mirzA eskandari who was a sincere social-democrat, more in the democratic tradition of Iran and hardly even knew Marxism, nonetheless, was placed in the position of hezbe toodeh founder and leader to be misused. I wish people who are not qualified for a position and are placed in such a status can see that perhaps they are being misused.


2. I disagree with them for still supporting socialism, but headed by Abdollah Mohtadi represents what komala as a leftist-nationalist Kurdish organization had been from the time of foAd mostafA soltAni. These folks are the only group in the Iranian opposition who really understand the need for a federalist position for Iran. Also they are knowledgeable and understand the failure of communism and have been reevaluating. I think this group is the real grass-root organization in Kordestan.  



Unfortunately this is all I can figure out from these two websites.



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