To World Journalists: IRI *not* IRAN


It is so unfortunate to see professional journalists using the terms "Iran" or "Iranian" when they should be using the terms "IRI" or "IRI Leaders" in their news headlines and articles.  IRI means "Islamic Republic of Iran" and after 23 years of the rule of IRI in Iran, the journalists need to know this term and use the term *IRI* so that the public can also learn this term reading headlines. 


When NY Post makes a news headline saying "Iranians urge death of Falwell", they are telling the world that the Iranian people are making such a threat to Falwell which is nothing but a lie.  Iranians hardly even know Falwell and the threats are coming from Islamic Republic of Iran and the part of Shi'a clergy that supports IRI.  The same ones who have no respect for freedom of speech and freedom of thought, who have made death threat to Salman Rushdie over the years, and have killed many Iranian dissidents inside and outside of Iran.  It is wrong to report the actions of IRI as "Iran" or as "Iranians". 


These savage actions are all done by the Islamic Republic of Iran and the *Iranians* themselves have been the first victims of IRI both inside and outside Iran and the journalists better know these facts more than anybody else.  I am an Iranian journalist myself and it is a real disappointment to see the use of such terminology by many well-respected journalists all over the world.  I hope they all can pay attention to the feelings of the Iranian people and use IRI when referring to the actions of "Islamic Republic of Iran".


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher


Oct 13, 2002





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