Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Beyond Matter: Realm of Religion or Science
Sam Ghandchi
فراسوی ماده: عرصه مذهب یا علم


Ten days ago scientists working at CERN announced that they have been able to make "the first ever measurement of the light emitted by an antimatter atom." (1) Some religious dogmatists are very angry at this whole experiment and say CERN is unleashing hell on Earth (2).

Actually this experiment shows exactly the opposite of what religious dogmatists are afraid of. They fear that experimenters are bringing something from non-physical world to our universe, a thing that is not supposed to be in our world. But the experiment has shown that once antimatter is in our world, it behaves just like its counterpart-- matter, so no reason to fear.

Reality is that this experiment confirms that antimatter exists and if trapped, it mirrors matter. We do not need to travel billions of years to distant galaxies to find out what lies beyond our universe and actually studying subatomic particles on Earth is all we need to do, and that is exactly what CERN is doing.

In other words, physics will answer some age old questions about the boundary of physical world, i.e. what lies beyond matter as we know it. These experiments can shed light on ideas like parallel universes, multiverse, etc and surely people can choose between what science discovers versus what different religions claim about what lies beyond matter (3).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi
December 30, 2016


1. Physicists have observed the light spectrum of antimatter for first time

2. Conspiracy theorists claim CERN has unleashed 'hell on Earth' in its latest antimatter experiment

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