Sam Ghandchiسام قندچيHuman Variant Part Three-- a question from Ray Kurzweil
Sam Ghandchi
نوع متفاوت بشر بخش سوم-- سؤالی از ری کرزوایل

The first part of this article was published on February 8, 2011 and my thanks to Ray Kurzweil for reviewing and making a comment on it at that time (1). Last month I published the second part of this article where I noted my error, and correctness of Ray's view about the two paths beyond Singularity and concluded that biological progress is extremely slow for present epochal changes and the alternative is for humans mainly to evolve nonbiologically (2).

Now I would like to ask a question hoping Ray Kurzweil to answer it. Let's first reiterate what we know. Basically humans by using their understanding of laws of nature, introduce events in the world which would not otherwise happen if the Earth was only housed by inanimate objects. But it is not just humans that create such effects, animals, plants or even bacteria make similar impacts on the world by using their perception of how things work to achieve their basic needs and even intentions. Of course humans, thanks to tool-making, have made their impact stand out more than other species and the effect is currently immensely enhanced by the invention of intelligent tools (3).

Of course, all intelligent tools used by humans or when becoming part of human enhancement will still make such impact in the world based on needs and intentions of humans. Otherwise, just left to themselves, non-intelligent tools or intelligent tools such as computers are objects that are not self-driven. In other words a sliding door of Walmart can work better than any human operated door but if it is not programmed for the goals of its human owners, it is like any other inanimate object.

Now my question is that logically there is nothing to stop other species to use the new intelligent tools for their goals. Even in nature, we see some animals using tools or even using other animals as tools the same way humans used dogs or messenger pigeons as intelligent tools. So if we have this evolution or merger with machines of other species in the post-Singularity world, the same way we have the merger of human and machine, what makes us so sure that the latter will still hold the superiority? In other words, why wouldn't for example the merger of tardigrades and machine not make a superior species? The only reason humans evolving from primates became a superior species was because they were first to achieve a critical mass in the evolution of their senses and intelligence thanks to tool-making. Otherwise, their basic needs and intentions were not necessarily much superior to many other biological species.

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
September 22, 2016


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