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* Over 20 years of Publishing, Engineering and Management in Silicon Valley and Washington, DC.



IRANSCOPE, Washington, DC, Managing Editor [January 2013– Current]

As publisher and editor-in-chief, manage, write and handle all aspects of the work of Iranscope website.


VOICE OF AMERICA (VOA), Washington, DC, News Editor [July 2005– January 2013]

Managed the night shift of PNN web site and processed news items using DaletPlus and Pangea Systems. Maintained presence on social networks: Facebook, Twitter and GooglePlus. Designed and executed VPN and proxy services for VOA clients who are behind government filters in other countries. Also worked as web editor, writer, translator, and Internet specialist at VOA’s Persian News Network (PNN) since July 5, 2005.


* Editorial Skills--Write news copy and features with a focus on Iran’s political developments, human rights, world affairs, economic and science news. Initiate story ideas, research and write integrated, targeted, balanced multimedia materials for the Web.


* Abilities-- Translate from different sources using VOA wire services, correspondent reports and TV programs, as well as newspapers and Internet feeds, while ensuring the proper compliance with VOA Charter, VOA Journalistic Code and copyright restrictions.


* Technical Skills--Work on Pangea authoring software and Web distribution techniques such as proxy access and assist with computer and Internet related issues and editorial hurdles. Select content, tone, style and background, appealing to our audience. Utilize graphics software to create powerful images to supplement text content.


* Knowledge-- Have a deep knowledge of English and Persian language, word content and sentence structure. Excellent understanding of Iranian history, culture, politics, and economics. Well acquainted with current developments in the broader region, as relating to US government policies and cultural interactions.


IRANSCOPE, Pleasanton, CA, Managing Editor [January 2002– July 2005]

Founded in 1999 and worked fulltime from 2002 to 2005 to build Iranscope as a fully automated bilingual news portal and web site with a focus on Iran’s future.

* Technical-- As a web editor was responsible for news pieces and editorials, maintaining a grasp of news, production and automated news delivery by relaying Internet feeds in real time to ensure bilingual coverage while embedding advertising.

* Internet Publishing-- Decided on the range, focus and content of all sections of the site to focus on Iran and its future. Worked with writers, translators, and reporters who cooperated with the site. Coverage encompassed the international news, politics, economics, cultural affairs, scientific developments and health topics.


LANTERN, IREADY, FORE, ADAPTEC, Engineering Management, Silicon Valley, CA [1994 - 2002]

Managed staff and projects in various Silicon Valley networking and software companies.

* Lantern Communications, San Jose, CA, VP Corporate Development [8/00-1/02]-- Managed quality processes to achieve scalability and predictability in delivering metro switches with policy-based networking. Oversaw HR, Program Management, IT and Tech Pubs. Coordinated work with a remote engineering development site in Ottawa. Company sold to C-COR.


* iReady Corporation, Santa Clara, CA, Vice President of Quality Engineering [5/99-8/00]-- Built and managed an infrastructure of test lab and automation for complex topology QA of Internet devices.  Netperf, TTCP, ANVL, and Smartbits were used to test chip design. Supporting 802.11 wireless networking using FPGA emulated platforms to circumvent re-spins of the chip. Company sold to NVIDIA.


* FORE Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA, Director of Engineering [2/97-5/99]-- Managed a 20-member software engineering team in San Jose with three leads. Focused on testing OSPF, MPoA and LANE protocols,  replicating customer environments in-house. Worked closely with FORE’s corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh. Company sold to Marconi.


* Adaptec ATM Division, Milpitas, CA, Manager of SQA [5/94-2/97]-- Managed two teams of 15 engineers in Milpitas and Bangalore.  Planned and executed Interoperability testing of ATM NICs with various switches. Measured performance results relative to the Ethernet-based solutions. Mercury Interactive was used for UI testing. ATM Division shut down.


NETWORK SYSTEMS, WOLLONGONG, ACC, TOUCH, INTUIT, ASHTON-TATE, Senior Networking QA Engineer, Silicon Valley, CA (1989 – 1994) - Developed software test plan for server and router testing of NetBEUI, IPX, IP, and OSI protocols.

* Tested email applications supporting SMTP, POP and IMAP on Windows, Mac and UNIX platforms.

* Verified installation, I/O and file-sharing programs. Planned and executed performance evaluation of software applications.


NOVA BOOKSTORE, Sunnyvale, CA, Manager/Publisher [1985 – 1989]

Founded Nova Bookstore in Sunnyvale of California.

* Sold scientific and futuristic books as well as electronic music.

* Published Mundus Novus (meaning New World) -- a quarterly futuristic newsletter for the bookstore.



* BA Mathematics, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

* BS Civil Engineering, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
* Novell/Unix Certificate, Masters Inst., San Jose, CA



* AI Journal, "Intelligent Tools: Cornerstone of a New Civilization"


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