Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Evolution of Plants Solves CO2 not Anti-GMO
Sam Ghandchi
تکامل گیاهان راه حل دی اکسید کرین است و نه ضدیت با جی ام او


The historical levels of CO2 is the main reason of climate change and the threat to humanity is so much established that even the Pope made a warning about it last week (1).


For half a century, all efforts to fix CO2 issue by advising humans about changing life styles have failed. The increased levels of CO2 are a reality of planet Earth and the solution requires an evolutionary change in plants which compensated for CO2 levels ever since we have had biological life on Earth. A scientifc research paper in 2010 clearly showed the change needed in plant life to absorb the new high levels of CO2 of Earth (2).


The progress needed to induce the new evolution of plant life is by modifying the plant genes, i.e. one can make plants to increase their levels of photosynthesis to match the current levels of CO2.  Anti-GMO movement has been damaging such a progress. Please just take a look at some of the comments below a paper I published about value of GMO to see the religious war of anti-GMO activists against this needed evolution of plants (3).


The first major evolutionary change in biological life was done by tool-making of humans which was very UNnatural and we owe all our progress to that evolution in the animal kingdom (4). It is now time to work the major evolution of plants by GMO to support the survival of our species on planet Earth. Contrary to the claims of anti-GMO activists, failing to make the GMO shift will endanger humanity. The progressive forces supporting the anti-GMO movement are doing a disservice to humanity (5). Understanding the sideeffects of GMO and compensating for it, is just like the side-effects of tool-making that has been a work-in-progress for humanity for millions of years and is no reason to stop the much needed evolution of the plant life. Our survial relies on the new evolutionary change.

Sam Ghandchi, Editor/Publisher
June 27, 2015



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