Sam Ghandchiسام قندچي Federalism in the Platform of Iran's Futurist Party

Sam Ghandchi

فدرالیسم در برنامه پیشنهادی حزب آینده نگر ایران

P.S. Oct 1, 2017:Announcing Change of Position to Opposing any form of Federalism for Iran




Recently there was a comment in the site of IranGlobal inquiring about my position on federalism in Iran. I hope this note can clarify the issue.


1. I discussed federalism in Iran for the first time in my book entitled "Kurds & Formation of Central Government in Iran" (1).


2. I clearly talked about federalism in Iran in my suggested "Iran's Futurist Party Platform" in Sept 2004 (2).


3. I my writings all these years I have never wholly opposed federalism in Iran. I have specifically written that I support provincial federalism in Iran (3).


4. But three and a half years ago in August 2009 in my article entitled "Ethnic Federalism a Reactionary Plan for Iran's Future" I wrote: Forces and individuals belonging to the prodemocracy movement of Iran that are not agents of foreign powers should separate their way from these ethnicist groups and should clearly state that they are after democratization of Iran. Using the models of provincial federalism in existing country of Iran is not for breaking up of Iran, but is to grow democracy in Iran, and that is all. Even if the model of provincial federalism becomes something for separatists to misuse, I personally am ready to remove federalism from my suggested political platform altogether, instead of allowing it to give rise to a civil war in Iran. The leaders of these ethnicists have heard all these several times but again they translate federalism to ethnic federalism. I do not want to have any part in such federalism and if that is what they are looking for, one should vote negative to any proposal for federalism in any founding parliament in any future state for Iran. I personally and specifically until these groups have not been dissolved, or until the majority of supporters of federalism have not distanced themselves from ethnic federalism, will not support the position of federal republic for Iran. Repeating again, the issue for Iran, is not country-making (nation-making), to allow the merging of the four provinces of Kurdistan to create a new Kurdistan, so that it can become part of the Greater Kurdistan schemes of PKK later. No we will resist any such schemes that are the start of Iran's breakup (4).


5. After writing the above I did not use the word federal at the end of my articles to describe my ideal republic for Iran anymore. But in the new edition of my article entitled "Illusions about Opposition Abroad" which was recently published in IranGlobal site, the word federal at the end of that article exists (5). That article was first written in September of 2008 and its subject had nothing to do with federalism and the wording at the end of the article belongs to the time before these discussions.


6. I have opposed the organization referred to as "" from its inception because it sees the subject of federalism in Iran from an ethnic perspective and not as a way to administer the country regardless of ethnicity. Also in my opinion the separatists should not be called independence-seekers because these forces in Kurdistan, Azerbaijan, Khouzestan and Baluchestan of Iran are dependent on foreign countries and if it were not for the foreign assistance basically they would not even be talked about because they have no base among the Iranian people (6). I have always condemned separatism in Iran and have fully explained my reasons (7).


7. I have explained my views of federalism and national question in Iran in my last writing about the topic entitled "A Note about the Controversial Kurdistan Autonomy Plan" which was published in October 2012 (8).


Hoping for a democratic and secular futurist republic in Iran,


Sam Ghandchi

March 10, 2013




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