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Sam Ghandchi


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Dear President Obama,


United States wants democracy for Iran but still has not torn down the wall that has separated US government and Iranian people for 60 years. The wall of mistrust that was created after the 1953 CIA coup in Iran, when Shah's entourage spoke for Iran to America.  A wall which meant torture and murder of freedom-loving Iranians by Savak. This is not about Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI); it is about Iranians struggling for democracy.


I am a journalist and a U.S. citizen of Iranian descent and for years have put the well-being of my family and myself on line to help with the advancement of human rights and democracy in Iran. I care for accurate and balanced news but some extremist Iranian monarchists have used their continuous influence in some US government offices to stifle my work. Their latest attempt has been to push me out of Voice of America (VOA) where I worked for 8 years. Please check for yourself the truth of the facts that I have noted in the following article:


The extremists among Iranian monarchists still have their minds stuck in the Cold War era and continue to try to pull back the United States with them. It is time that every Iranian be treated by America as equals based on one's contributions and not through connections to the Pahlavi regime. The great majority of Iranians, even those not supporting IRI, did not want to build a monarchy after the 1979 revolution. If some monarchist extremists wish to bring back the Pahlavi regime, they have every right to advocate their views, but they have no right to do so by intimidation of supporters of a secular democratic republic, like myself, through their connections in US government offices.


Please take a look at the articles I had written in my faradid blog before it was deactivated by VOA:


My articles are about how to build a future Iran in a 21st Century world. They are about futurism and not repeating the same old nostalgia. I am an independent journalist. I am not the spy of the US government and am not a spy of the Islamic Republic, and I want to exercise my freedom to do honest journalism and to promote democracy and human rights for Iran.  Is this too much to ask? Please take a look at the news I distribute at my personal site and judge for yourself if I practice what I say by offering accurate and balanced news from sources of the whole spectrum or not:


The extremist monarchists are worried if anybody even says a word to insult Prince Reza Pahlavi, but they themselves not only insult but even make death threats against opponents of monarchy using Internet anonymity on one side and their backdoor connections on the other.  In fact, they have made the worst insults about you during your first election in their email distribution lists and later again during the last election. It is time to put an end to these childish games of extremist monarchists who still have influence in some US offices like VOA. Their problem is that they have nothing to offer as a solution for Iranian people and this is why they harass people who have something to say. Thirty-four years have passed since the Shah has fallen. It is time to tear down the wall separating Iranian democracy-loving people from the United States.


Sam Ghandchi

January 3, 2013



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