Why Vote for Al Gore?



The election of new U.S. president is in less than a month.  I think if one can vote in the U.S. election, it is better to vote for Al Gore:


My reason is not that I support all policies of Al Gore, especially as it relates to the Middle East.  My reason is very simple.  I think the most critical issue before all nations in the world, at this time, is the commitment to the building of the infrastructure of Internet, and this task is not something that just some private companies such as Tyco can achieve.  I think a national commitment from governments is an absolute must to achieve this goal.


The same way that U.S. government's commitment to building Interstate highway system, after World War II, was a critical decision to create the necessary infrastructure for U.S. industry to go forward for four decades of post-WWII economy, I believe building the infrastructure of Internet has equivalent importance, if not more.


I believe Bush's policies are very backward and his close ties with old industries, especially the Oil industry, has stopped him from developing a strategy that can even remotely serve the needs of the 21st Century.


As far as being charismatic, I believe both candidates are anything but charismatic, and the decision should not be made on current emotional issues.  I believe the Internet infrastructure and a strategy serving this goal, takes precedence over any other issues, in this particular time.


BTW,  I do not think Al Gore is the founder of Internet:-)  But I do think that he had been the most vocal about Information Highways in Washington for a long time.


Sam Ghandchi, Publisher



Oct 22, 2000





* The above article was first posted on SCI (soc.culture.iranian) Usenet newsgroup on Oct 22, 2000.


Postsrcipt3/30/02 Some mention Gore’s even losing his home state as his incompetence.  I think that does not mean anything when one is running for a national election as his program may be appealing for the whole nation and not necessarily for his home state. American people overall made a wrong decision. Many of those who did not even care to go and cast a ballot and did not know that in a close election one vote can make a difference, when even one vote did make a difference in this election, and thus their absence damaged the chances of their candidate to win. It is ironic that the same people who were so busy with work that they did not care to take a day off from work to go and vote for Gore, whom they liked, later lost their job because of the new administration.  In democracies people have a choice and sometimes they make a wrong choice. Reading my article above carefully, my point is that even Bush has to adopt Gore's program if he wants to stop the bleeding of the US and world economy which we are witnessing and I noted this a year ago and we have seen the bleeding of the economy for a year now, and the New Economy more and more, where the old economy companies are even getting subsidized in this tough economy, but the New Economy companies have been going bankrupt one after other for two years now, without any help from the government. Even the 100 meg initiative to the home which is as important as the post office initiative at the time of founding of the U.S. was killed a few months ago and it means stopping the growth of Internet.  As far as the election, people simply made a mistake. Among them, Iranian-Americans made a mistake of supporting Bush for the misunderstanding that they had about Palestine-Israel issue because they thought of Bush supporting Palestine as I noted. Others made their mistake for myriad of other reasons including the scandals, etc which took their attention off from programmatic issues that they should have focused.  Basically people lost sight of the issue of *programs* which were so diametrically opposed between the two candidates during the last election. Gore was for New Economy with Internet as its spearhead and Bush was for old economy with Oil and Military spending (basically SDI) as its spearhead.  BTW, I am not denying tactical errors by Gore. For example, I think his choice of VP was really bad as he was a very weak choice. Not because he was a Jew, which I think that was a good thing to finally have someone who was from a non-Christian background in the ticket for a change. I just think his VP was very weak in comparison to someone like Dick Cheney on the other side.


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