Heshmat Tabarzadi  مهندس حشمت طبرزدیTabarzadi in Critical Condition; He Needs Our Support Now

July 12, 2011



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Heshmatollah Tabarzadi in Critical Physical Condition; He Needs Our Support Now!


According to reports, Heshmatollah Tabarzadi, imprisoned reporter and chief secretary of the banned opposition party the Democratic Front of Iran is in critical physical condition. He has developed heart disease from the exhausting interrogations he has endured and the long duration he has been locked up behind bars and in solitary confinement.

Tabarzadi was sentenced to nine years in prison for giving interviews to the media and for publicly condemning the murder of Iranian citizens on Ashura day (December 27, 2009 massive protests in Iran).


Despite the heavy physical and psychological pressures he has endured in prison, Tabarzadi has never given in to the demands of his interrogators. Throughout his work as a journalist and political activist, Tabarzadi has called out Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei as the one responsible for the crimes committed against Iranian protesters and those who criticize the Iranian regime.

Let us support and stand in solidarity with Heshmatollah Tabarzadi for his resistance and the years of pain and suffering he has had to endure. It is our duty as human rights activists and concerned citizens to demand his immediate and unconditional release. The Iranian authorities are directly responsible for Heshmatollah Tabarzadiís life.


It is up to us to continue our support until the release of him and all political prisoners. Please spread this information among your trusted contacts and urge them to do the same.


The following are some email addresses you may want to use to voice your concern:


sg@un..org, npillay@ohchr.org, m@minbuza.nl, beatriz.lorenzo@maec.es, michael.spindelegger@bmeia.gv.at, bernard.kouchner@diplomatie.gouv.fr, guido.westerwelle@auswaertiges-amt.de, minister@dfa.ie, registrator@foreign.ministry.se, Cannon.L@parl.gc.ca, info@eda.admin.ch, haguew@parliament.uk, legalizar@itamaraty.gov.br, pm@pm.gc.ca, kab.bz@diplobel.fed.be, external@utn.stjr.is, gabinetto@cert.esteri.it, stewartkb@state.gov, wgad@ohchr.org, ali@warwick.ac.uk, avaei@Dadgostary-tehran.ir, registry@ohchr.org, catherine.ashton@ec.europa.eu, eastgulf@amnesty.org, info@leader.ir



Dear President Obama Please Call for Mr. Tabarzadi's Freedom






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