Conversations With Myself

by Sam Ghandchi


I want you to learn the most beautiful things in life that life

can bring for you!


You have been chosen to read the thoughts and experiences of

centuries of beauty!


One of my basic powers is in your hands.  Look at your hands and

do not be afraid.  Do not mistrust!


My life was what you loved me to express.  Expressions of life were

what you were going to study.  Study life as much as you can!


Life is full of expressions.  Expressions of thoughtfulness,

Expressions of beauty.  Expressions of life!

I want to be able to think more intensively so that my expression

of life can designate a beautiful life!


Life is not what you think it is.  Life has never existed in terms

that you are imagining it.  Life is beauty.  Beauty is in everything

and what you think as non-living is more beautiful than what you

think as living.


Love the world of beauty.  Life is what you need to have.  Having the

expressions of life in different forms may teach you the best of

all worlds, and beauty the same way.  For example, the beauty of



Life is an expression of divinity.  Divinity does not need to conform

to any rigid form of expression.  To feel love, observe the most

rapid life-forms.  Experience the world.  Love the existence.  View

the ultimate of world and expressions.


Sam Ghandchi

Spring 1989




* The above poems were  first  published in American Poetry Anthology in 1989.

















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